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Red Manual Hoist Block for Versatile and Safe Material Handling

Red Manual Hoist Block for Versatile and Safe Material Handling

  • Red Manual Hoist Block for Versatile and Safe Material Handling
Red Manual Hoist Block for Versatile and Safe Material Handling
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: SEAGULL
Certification: CE
Model Number: HSZ-B
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: carton and pallet
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 sets per year
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Detailed Product Description
Surface Treatment: Powder Coating Lift Speed: 3m/min
Lift Height: 3m-12m Capacity: 5T
Chain Diameter: 5 Warranty: 1 Year
Product Name: Manual Chain Block Safety Factor: 4:1


Red Manual Hoist Block for Versatile and Safe Material Handling 0

Product Description:

The Manual Chain Block is an indispensable tool for lifting operations, commonly used in various applications such as warehouses, construction sites, wharfs, and other industrial environments. This robust and versatile manual chain hoist is designed to enhance efficiency and safety during the lifting and lowering of heavy loads. With its compact design and dependable performance, the Manual Chain Block is ideal for tasks where precision and control are paramount.

Our Manual Chain Block comes in a vibrant range of colors, including red, yellow, blue, and green, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your company's color scheme or personal preference. These bright colors also contribute to higher visibility in the workplace, thereby increasing safety by ensuring that the equipment is easily seen by operators and bystanders alike.

One of the most critical features of this manual chain hoist is its flexibility in lift height options. With the capability to accommodate a lift height ranging from 3 meters to an impressive 12 meters, the Manual Chain Block provides the versatility needed to tackle different tasks with ease. Whether you're working with lower ceilings or need to hoist materials to greater heights, this manual hoisting block is up to the challenge.

Constructed with durability and reliability in mind, the Manual Chain Block boasts a sturdy build that can handle demanding lifting operations. Despite its rugged design, the product maintains a relatively light weight of just 5.3kg, making it not only strong but also portable. This means that it can be easily transported to different work sites or moved around within a single facility without causing strain to the operator.

The practicality of the Manual Chain Block is complemented by its ease of use. The manual operation allows for fine control over the lifting and lowering process, ensuring that loads are moved with precision. This manual chain hoist does not require any external power source, making it a highly reliable piece of equipment that can be used in remote locations or areas where power is unavailable or unreliable.

When it comes to safety, the Manual Chain Block is designed with several features to protect the operator and ensure secure operation. The high-strength chain is engineered to withstand heavy loads without compromise, while the mechanical brake system provides an additional layer of security, holding the load in place even when not under tension. This manual hoisting block is built to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards, giving you peace of mind during use.

Applicable not only in industrial settings, but the Manual Chain Block can also be used effectively in commercial and residential projects. Its versatility and reliability make it a valuable asset for businesses and individuals who require manual lifting solutions. Whether you need to hoist construction materials, warehouse stock, or heavy equipment, this manual chain hoist is up to the task, providing the power and control you need to get the job done efficiently and safely.

In summary, the Manual Chain Block is a high-quality, reliable, and versatile tool for manual lifting operations. Its range of colors, variable lift heights, and lightweight design make it suitable for a wide array of applications. The manual chain hoist's safety features and ease of use ensure that it is a go-to choice for professionals looking for a manual hoisting block that combines functionality, safety, and practicality in one compact package.



  • Product Name: Manual Chain Block
  • Capacity: 5T
  • Lift Height: 3m-12m
  • Package: Carton Box/Wooden Case
  • Chain Diameter: 5
  • Application: Warehouse, Building, Wharf, Ect
  • Keyword: Manual Hoist Block
  • Keyword: Manual Chain Lifting
  • Keyword: Manual Chain Hoist

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Surface Treatment Powder Coating
Chain Diameter 5 mm
Warranty 1 Year
Application Warehouse, Building, Wharf, Ect
Lift Speed 3m/min
Color Red/Yellow/Blue/Green
Product Name Manual Chain Block
Lift Height 3m-12m
Package Carton Box/Wooden Case
Weight 5.3kg


The SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block is a robust and reliable tool designed for a variety of manual lifting tasks. This product, originating from Jiangsu, China, boasts a CE certification, ensuring its compliance with European safety standards. With a minimum order quantity of 50pcs and negotiable pricing, the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block is an accessible solution for businesses requiring quality lifting equipment.

Constructed for durability, the Manual Chain Block features a powder coating surface treatment that enhances its longevity and resistance to wear. It is available in lift heights ranging from 3m to 12m, accommodating diverse operational needs. The Manual Chain Blocker is packaged securely in carton boxes or wooden cases and mounted on pallets to ensure its safety during transportation. The packaging details reflect the careful consideration given to the product's quality from production to delivery to the customer.

With a lead time of 30 days, the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block can be delivered promptly after the completion of a transaction via L/C or T/T payment terms. The company's supply ability stands at 10000 sets per year, making it a reliable choice for businesses looking for consistent product availability. Each Manual Chain Lifting equipment is designed with a safety factor of 4:1, emphasizing the brand's commitment to operational security and user safety.

Application occasions for the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block are diverse, ranging from construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, to docks and agricultural settings. This Manual Lifting Block is particularly suited for scenarios where precise lifting of heavy loads is required without the availability of power sources. The manual operation ensures that the device can be used in remote locations or in situations where electricity is either unavailable or unreliable.

The SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block is a versatile and essential tool for businesses requiring safe and efficient lifting capabilities. Whether for installation, maintenance, loading, or unloading of goods, this manual chain lifting device delivers reliable performance. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for industries aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure the safety of their workforce.


Support and Services:

Our Manual Chain Block products are designed to provide reliable and efficient lifting operations. To ensure your complete satisfaction and safety, we offer comprehensive technical support and services for our chain block range. Our support services include:

- Installation Guidance: Detailed instructions to ensure correct and safe installation of your chain block.

- Operational Training: Information and training resources to help users operate the chain block safely and effectively.

- Maintenance Tips: Advice on regular maintenance to keep your chain block in optimal working condition, prolonging its lifespan.

- Troubleshooting Assistance: Support for diagnosing and resolving common issues that may arise during the use of your chain block.

- Safety Recommendations: Best practices for safety to ensure the well-being of the operator and the integrity of the load.

- Product Upgrades: Information on the latest upgrades available for your chain block to enhance functionality and performance.

- Warranty Service: Details about the warranty period and the services covered, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your investment.

For any technical support or service inquiries, please refer to the user manual provided with your product or reach out to our dedicated customer support team through the appropriate communication channels listed on our contact page. We're committed to providing you with the assistance you need to keep your operations running smoothly.



Q: What is the brand and model number of the chain block?

A: The brand is SEAGULL, and the model number of the chain block is HSZ-B.

Q: Where is the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block manufactured?

A: The SEAGULL Manual Chain Block is manufactured in Jiangsu, China.

Q: Does the SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block come with any certification?

A: Yes, the SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block comes with CE certification.

Q: How can I purchase the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block and what is the minimum order quantity?

A: You can purchase the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block by placing a minimum order of 50pcs. The price is subject to negotiation.

Q: What are the payment terms and delivery time for the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block?

A: The payment terms for the SEAGULL Manual Chain Block are L/C (Letter of Credit) or T/T (Telegraphic Transfer). The delivery time is 30 days.

Q: How is the SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block packaged, and what is the supply ability of the product?

A: The SEAGULL HSZ-B Manual Chain Block is packaged in cartons and pallets. The supply ability is 10000 sets per year.

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